These are the complete stories as they appear in the newspapers. 62 pages of news plus index, 8 1/2 x 11: soft bound book:
COLOR OF COVER MAY VARY: This a fantastic book of history as well as genealogy. Read about the burning of Newbern and
the resulting arrest of the man and woman who caused it. There are several law suits.  Included is a detailed description of
Washington D. C. plan for the future town, a developer's dream. There is a list of men wounded and killed At Fort Jefferson.
There is a description of the article of agreement from James White to sell the land to build the city of Knoxville, including the
lottery for 64 men who would buy the lots. Included is the full treaty of the United States and the Cherokee Nation. signed by
William Blount, Governor and 41 Indian chiefs, under their Cherokee name and spelling. This book is filled with stories of the
Indian problems, giving location of the raids and those men and women who were killed or wounded. In 1792, The Governor
created two new counties, Greene and Hawkins, included is the description of the boundaries of each. There is a two page
list of men who owned the State for strays that were found. There is a list of men for Land Patents to be picked up and 15
names for grants in Hawkins and Greene County. Complete stories of the news are included not just abstracts Published and
transcribed by Strictly by Name, This is a fine addition to anyone's collection.

Surnames include: Accuff,  Adair, Ake, Allen, Allison, Amis, Anderson, Ankeny, Armstrong, Ashurn, Anderson; Atkinson,
Austin, Bailey, Baldwin, Balsh, Bannan, Barkim, Barnet, Bean, Bear at Home, Beard, Beatty, Beaty, Belfour, Bell, Berkly, Berry,
Big Acorn, Bines, Bingham, Bird, Black Fox; Blevins, Bloody Fellow; Blount, Bold Hunter; Bonnet, Bowen, Bowles, Boyd,
Bradford, Brice, Brooks, Brown, Bryan, Buchanan, Bullet, Bullock, Bunch, Burden, Burges, Burke, Bushnell, Butler, Byrne,
Cabin; Caldwell, Campbell, Carey, Carmichael, Carper, Carr, Carrick, Carter, Caswell, Cates, Cauquillehana, Chapman,
Charter, Chase, Cheakoneske, Chenney, Chesquotteloneh, Chickasaw killer, Chickasawtehe, Chishom, Chisum, Christian,
Chulenah, Chuleoah, Chuquilarague, Chutloh, Clack, Clark, Clayton, Cloud, Cobb, Cockran, Coefield, Coldwell, Cole,         
Coleman, Common Disturber, Conn, Cooper, Cornplanter, Cotton, Cowan, Cox, Cozby, Craig, Crawford, Criols, Crisson,
Crocket, Crutcher, Cryner, Cunningham, Daniel, Danthin, Dark,         
Davidson, Davie, Deaderick, Dixon, Doak, Dobbins, Dodson, Dondell, Donelson, Double-head, Douglass, Doyle, Duberts, Duke,
Dunbar, Dyer, Elliot, Erwin, Estil, Euoleh, Evans, Fauche, Ferguson, Fine, Finley, Fitzgerald, Fletcher, Fool Warrior, Ford, Forgey,
Foster, Fraley, Frasier, Fulton, Funk, Gains, Gaines, Gano, Garrison, Gee, Gegg, Gehon, Gerock, Gibson, Gillespie, Gillum,
Gordon, Graham, Gray, Greathouse, Green, Greenway, Greer, Griffin, Guthery, Guthrie, Gwin, Hacket, Hackett, Hague,
Hagwood, Haley, Hamblin, Hamilton, Hanging Maw, Hannah, Hardiman, Hardin, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Hayes, Hays,
Henderson, Henley, Henry, Herritage, Hice, Hodge,  Hogg, Hoolaquah, Hooper, Hord, Hornback, Howard, Hubbard, Hunt, Hynes,
Irvine, Jackson, Jahle-oonoyehka, Jeffers, Jefferson, Jocelin, John, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Kanetetoka, Katch, Kearns,
Kelson, Kennedy, Kenny, Kenotetah, Keshukanne, Kilpatric, King, Kingfisher, Kinnesah, Kirkwood, Kirkyndoll, Knox,
Kooluseske, Kulsatehe, Kulsatehee, Kunnochatutloh, Kunoskeskie, Lackey, Lane, Lanier, Lathim, Laughlin, Lawrence,
Lawson, Lea, Lee, Legitt, L'Entant, Leslie, Lieper, Little Turkey, Logan, Logie, Long, Looney, Love, Lowry, Lukins, Lusk,
Lutterel, Madison, Magbey, Manasco, Manning, Marsten, Martin, Matthews, Maxwell, May, Maybury, McAfee, M'Cain,
McClemore, McClung, McDonald, McDowel, McDowell, McEntire, McGillivray, McGinty, McNairy, McNutt, M'Coy, McPeters,
M'Crea, M'Cullah, M'Donald, M'Gaughey, M'Math, M'Namee, M'Nickle, M'Rory, Middle Striker, Miller, Mitchell, Mizer,
Montgomery, Moody, Mooney, Morgan, Morris, Morse, Mulsby, Murfey, Murphey, Murrell, Neil, Nelson, Nenetooyah, Nenney,
Newhouse, Newman, Nontuaka, Ocunna, Ogden, Oldham, Orr, Osenaleh, Otter Lifter, Outlaw, Owens, Panton, Partin,
Patterson, Paul, Payne, Peck, Pendleton, Perkins, Perryman, Pevehouse, Philips, Phillips, Philon, Pratt, Price, Primer,
Purcefield, Purdie, Ramsey, Ratcliff, Ray, Reed, Reynolds, Rhea, Richards, Richardson, Riley, Ring, Rising Fawn, Roberts,
Robertson, Robinson, Roche, Rogers,  Roulstone, Running Water, Russell, Sample, Sawutteh, Sawyers, Schull, Scot, Scott,
Searcy, Sevier, Shankland, Shannon, Sharp, Shaw, She Reigns, Shelby, Shelton, Shober,         
Short, Simms,  Skidmore, Skyuka, Slave catcher, Small, Smith, Snead, Southerland, Speer,  Squallecuttah, St. Clair,
Stedicorn, Stone, Stopt Still, Stough, Stuart, Stubblefield, Suggs, Summerville,  Swearingen, Swingle, Talohteske, Tarrapin,
Tatham, Taylor, Teesteki, Tekakiska, The Badger, The Bench, The Boots, The Crane, The Little Turkey,         The Little Turkey's
Son,        The Middle Striker, The Northward, The Thigh, The Warrior's Son, Thompson, Tinkshalene, Tipton, Todd,
Tomlinson's, Toonaunailoh, Toowayelloh, Troy, Trueman, Tuckaseh,         Tukegatehe, Tullotehe, Tunbridges, Turner, Turney,
Tuskega Killer, Tuskegatehe, Two killer, Upsetter, Vincent, Waddle, Walker, Wallen, Ward, Warren,  Washington, Watkins,
Watts, Wells, White, Whitney, Wright, Wilkinson, Williams, Wilson, Wood, Woolf, Yancey, Yellow Bird, Yonewatle, Young,
                                               COST $14.95

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