Soft bound book, 8 ½ x 11,  71 pages including index. Transcribed and published from the microfilm
containing Knoxville Newspapers, by Strictly by Name,  There is still
much trouble between the Indians and the Settlers. Real Estate sales, deaths, strayed horses,
runaway slave, law suits and other news.

Surnames included:
Adair; Adkins: Akers: Alexander: Allen; Allison; Anderson; Armstrong: Arnold,
Arrington, Arthur; Bacon; Baker; Ball; Barton; Bayles; Beaird; Beard; Bell; Benge, Benton; Berry; Bird;
Black; Blackburn; Blackmore; Blair; Blake; Bledsoe; Blount;
Boggs; Bond; Bosley; Bowen; Bowerman; Boyd; Bradford; Bradley; Bradshaw; Bradwell; Brantley;
Bratton; Bredden; Brem; Brigance; Brooks; Brown; Buchanan                   Buchananon; Burgess;
Burkhard: Burron; Byram; Byrd; Byrum; Caffray; Cage; Calcutt; Caldwell; Cameron; Campbell; Cantrill;
Carey; Carmichael; Carney; Carrick; Carson; Carteel; Carter; Carthey; Carthorse; Casteel, William;
Cavet; Chapman; Chief Bench; Chisolm; Chisum; Clark; Clarke; Cochran; Cocke; Coldwell; Coleman;
Colquhoun; Colvin; Conn; Connor; Cooper; Cotrell; Covington; Cowan; Cox; Crafford; Craig; Crocket;
Crockett; Crow; Crutcher, Crutchfield; Cunningham, Thomas: Currey, Samuel; David; Davidson; Davis;
Dawson; Dearmond; Deason; Denton; Deyerle; Dier; Dillard; Dixon; Doherty;
Donelson; Double Head; Douglass; Drake; Dugan; Duncan; Dunlap; Dyer; Eddowes; Elder; Elliot;
Elliott; Embree; English; Erwin; Evans; Ewin; Ferguson; Fitzgerald; Flannagan; Flannikin; Flennikin;
Ford; Forde; Forgey; Forrester; Forsyth; Fort; Fouch; Frazier; Furguson; Gain; Gains; Galliher;
Gamble; Gammon; Gear; Geeren; Giles; Gillen; Gillespie; Glasgow; Gooden; Gordon; Gowen; Gragg;
Graham; Graves; Gray; Greaves; Green; Greer; Greggory; Griffen; Grimes; Haggard; Hailey; Haines;
Hambleton; Hamilton; Hampton; Handley; Hanging Maw; Hankins; Hannah; Hannaws; Hanner;
Hardiman; Hardin; Harklerod; Harney; Harris; Harrison; Hart; Hasler; Hay; Hays; Hazlet;
Henderson; Hendricks; Henley; Henly; Henry; Herd; Herndon; Herron; Hickman; Higgins; Hill;
Hiltebrand; Hindman; Hinds; Hines; Hitchcock; Hizard; Hobbs; Hogan; Hogard; Holley; Holmark; Hood;
Hooks; Hord; Horton; Houston; Howard; Hubbard: Hughes; Hughs; Humphries; Hutson; Hutton,
William; Imbrey; Ish; Jack; Jackson; Jean; Jobes; Johnson; Johnston; Jolley; Jones; Kain; Kelly;
Kendley; Kennedy; Kessiger; Ketcher; King; Koile; Koyl; Lackey; Lacy; Lain; Lambert; Lamen; Lancer;
Langdon; Lathim; Latimore; Lawrence; Lea; Leath; Leckey; Leonard; Leper; Lewis; Lindsey; Linncy;
Linsay; Livingston; Logan; Long; Love; Lower; Lowrey; Lowry; Luckey; Lucky; Luna; Lyon; MacBride;
M'Adams; Mahan; Malden; Marshall; Martin; Maxwell; Mayfield; M'Bee; M'Campbell; McCabe;
McCaleb; McClery; McClung; McCombs; McCray; McDowell; McElwee; McElwrath; McGee; McHenry;
McKee; M'Clellan; M'Clellen; M'Clung; M'Connel; M'Cool; M'Corcle; M'Cown; M'Cullough; M'Dowell;
Meek; Meggenson; M'Elwrath; M'Farlan; M'Farland; Middleton; Miller; Mills; Milner; Mitchell;
M'Kenny; M'Kenoy; M'Millen; M'Min; M'Murray; M'Murtry; M'Neil; M'Nutt; Montflourence; Montgomery;
Moore; Morgan; Morris; Morrison; M'Rory; M'Tear; Murray; Nadever; Nash; Nave; Nelson;
Nenney; Nichols; Nolen; Nowil; Nowlin; Oats; Officer; Ore; Parker; Parks; Patten;
Patterson; Patton; Paul; Pearcifield; Pearpoint; Perkins; Perry; Pettigrew;
Philips; Phillips; Piercifield; Presbury; Preston; Prior; Rains; Randolph; Rankin; Rawlins; Read; Reard;
Reed; Rees; Renfroe; Reson; Rhea; Rice; Richard; Richards; Richeson; Rickard; Rife; Ritchie;
Roberts; Robertson; Rodgers; Rogers; Rollins; Rook; Roulstone; Russell; Rutherford; Rutledge;
Sanders; Saunders; Scott; Seagrove; Searcy; Seevers; Sellers; Sercey; Sevier; Shannon; Sharp;
Shaw; Shelby; Shelton; Shomaker; Shoopman; Shrite; Simpson; Singleton; Slatery; Sloane;
Slough; Small; Smelcer; Smith; Snyder; Sommerville; Spencer; Stall; Stegall; Stephenson; Stevens;
Stokes; Stone; Strawder; Stuart; Sugg; Supers; Swagerty; Tarewater; Tate; Tatum; Taylor; Tedford;
Terrell; Terry; Thompson; Tigh; Tillmon; Tipton; Titsworth; Towles; Tremble; Tucker; Turman; Turner;
Turney; Turpine; Van Reaselaer; Vanraafallear; Vincent; Waddle; Walker; Wallace; Wallin; Warren;
Watkins; Watters; Watts; Wear; Webb; Webber; West; White;
Whitfield; Wight; Wilcox; Willbanks; Willburn; Willcock; Williams; Williba; Wills; Wilson; Winchester;
Winningham; Witherspoon; Witt; Wood; Woods; Woodson; Worsent; Wright; Wyly; Young

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