This book covers the years 1802, 1803, 1806, 1807, 1815, 1816 but there are no years that have
complete months to them, just what is available from the Tennessee State Library and Archives that
microfilmed these newspapers.  85 pages with index… 8 1/2 x 11 softbound book. Abstracted and
published by Strictly by Name:  This volume is full of tax lists from
several counties, for those people that had not paid their taxes on the property registered to them.  
The list indicates the name of the owner, the amount of land, and the location of that land, and the
monies due.  It would seem that the common practice was to publish the lists and advertise that the
land would be sold to pay the taxes. There are the Sheriff’s sales indicating property to be sold
because of the loss in court of lawsuit.  These items gives the name of the defendant, plaintiff and
the location of the land.
There is a fascinating piece on the trial of Abel Clements for the murder of his wife and eight
Able, Adams, Alchley, Alexander, Allen, Alley, Allison, Almond, Ambrose, Amonnett, Anderson,
Andrews, Anthony, Archer, Armstrong, Arrington, Aultoin, Avery, Bails, Baker, Barefield, Barnet,
Barton, Barton, Bass, Baxter, Bayless, Burwell, Beason, Bell, Bennett, Benton, Berry, Beyon, Black,
Blackamore, Blackburn, Blackford, Blair, Blake, Bledsoe, Boaz & Tool, Boggs, Bohannon, Boles,
Bond, Bonner, Booth, Boswell, Boterite, Bougher, Bounds, Bowan, Bowen, Bower,
Bowerman, Bowers, Bowles, Boy, Boyd, Bradford, Bradshaw, Brady, Braseal, Breazeale, Brittan,
Brooke, Brooks, Brown, Brumley, Buckingham, Bullard,
Bunch, Burk, Burn, Burns, Burton, Bush, Byoon, Byrain, Caffrey, Caldwell,
Callison, Campbell, Cannon, Car, Cardwell, Carley, Carpenter, Carrell, Cast,
Cate, Caulson, Chamberlain, Chambers, Chambless, Cheatham, Chehome Mekko,
Cherry, Childress, Childs, Chisholm, Chrismas, Christly, Christmas, Clark, Clarke, Crozier & Co. ,
Clements, Clerk, Cline, Cocke, Cole, Colman, Colville, Condray,
Conn, Connors, Conyer, Cooke, Cooper, Coope, Copelan, Copeland, Coulters,
Cowan, Cox, Craig, Craighead, Crawford, Creswell, Crosner, Cross, Crozier,
Cuburn, Culter, Cummins, Cunningham, Curd, Curl, Dallam, Danforth, Darby,
Dardis, Darnell, Davidson, Davie, Davis, Deaderick, Debzell, Dennas, Depriest,
Desern, Diches, Dickerson, Dickson, Dixon, Dodridge, Donaldson, Donelson,
Donohoo, Douglas, Douglass, Dowel, Drake, Drew, Dugan, Duncan, Dunlap, Eburn,
Edington, Edmasten, Edmondson, Edwards, Eliot, Elliot, Emmerson, Enocks,
Essex, Evans, Falk, Farmer, Fenwick, Findley, Fine, Finley, Fleming, Fletcher,
Foster, Fouch, Fowler, Francis, Franklin, Frazer, Gable, Gaines, Galbreath,
Galloway, Gamble, Gann, Gardiner, Gess, Ghormly, Gibson, Gillespie, Gilliam,
Gillihan, Gillis, Givens, Glasgow, James Golliher, Good, Gordon, Graham, Graves, Gray, Grayham,
Green, Greenaway, Greer, Griffin, Grigsby, Groce, Guiss, Gwin, Hackworth, Hail, Halato Mekko, Hall,
Hallato Mekkom, Hamilton, Hamm, Hanna, Hardeman, Harden, Hargrove, Harney, Harper, Harrington,
Harris, Hart, Haslip,
Hatch, Hatley, Hawkins, Hay, Hayle, Haynes, Hays, Henderson, Hendrick, Henry,
Hester, Hewlet, Hey, Hightower, Holland, Holloway, Hood, Hooper, Houston, Howard, Hudson, Hunt,
Hunter, Huston, Huther, Irvin, Jack, Jackson, Jains,
Jameson, Jamison, Janus Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Kaighn, Kellogg, Kennedy, Kenny, Kerr, Key,
Kiching, Kilgour, King, Kirkpatrick, Kirnacher, Knight, Kornegay, Lackey, Lacky, Lain, Lam, Lane,
Laurence, Lazier, Lea, Leadbetter, Lebow, Leib, Lemmon, Lettrell, Lewis, Liddy, Lillard, Linee,
Linsley, Litle, Lofton, Long, Looney, Love, Lowerdermilk, Lowry, Lowther, Luttrell, Lynch, Lyons, Lytle,
Maberly, M'Adams, Maffry, Mahan, Mallerdore, M'Anally, Mark, Markirm, Marsh, Marshal, Martain,
Martin, Mase, Massingale, Masten, Matlock, Matthews, Maxwell, May, Maybury, Mayfield, M'Bolen,
M'Bolins, M'Cabe, M'Camy, M'Can, McBride, McCleary, McCrory, McCulloch, McCully, McGhee,
McIntire, M'Clare, M'Clennihan, M'Clung, McMichael, M'Collugh, M'Combs, M'Connell, M'Cormak,
M'Corry, M'Coy, M'Culloh, M'Curdy, M'Donald, M'Donel, Medran, Menefee, Merchant, M'Ewen,
M'Farlan, M'Ginnes, M'Guire, Miller, Mires, Mitchel, Mitchell, M'Kite, M'Min, M'Minn, M'Nairy, Moffett,
Montgomery, Moon, Moore, More, More, Morris, Morrison, Mountflorence, M'Rath, M'Ree,
Muirhead, Mullen, Mullins, Murphey, Nash, Neal, Neely, Nelson, Netherton, Nicely, Nichol, Nicholson,
Night, Noble, Norman, Oliver, Omnet, Oneal, Ore, Outlaw, Overton, Palmer, Park, Parkerson, Parr,
Pate, Patrick, Patterson, Pauly, Payne, Penny, Penthla Mekko, Pepper, Perrin, Pewit, Peyton, Phagan,
Phelps, Philips, Phillips, Philpot, Pindle, Polk, Pool, Porter, Porterfield, Powers, Prchment, Preston,
Price, Prior, Pryor, Purris, Rager, Rainey, Rairden, Ramsey, Ravenhill, Rawlings, Redding, Redin,
Reed, Rees, Reid, Renfro, Reynolds, Rhea, Rhodes, Richards, Richeton, Riddle, Riggs, Roane,
Roben, Robens, Robertson, A. Rockhold, Rodgers, Roe, Rogers, Roland, Rosborough, Roulstone,
Rowan, Runions, Rush, Russell, Ruth, Sanders, Sappington, Sarden, Saunders, Scone, Scott, Seary,
Seawell, Serrell, Sevier, Shaddin, Shaw, Shelby, Shelton, Shepperd, Sherrell, Shields, Shults,
Simmons, Sims, Singleton, Sippit, Sisles, Slone, Slow, Small, Smith, Southerland, Southfield,
Standifer, Starfield, Sterling, Sterns, Stewart, Stinnet, Stone, Stonecypher, Stubbins, Sulton,
Swagerty, Swingle, Synder, Tate, Taylor, Tharp, Thompson, Thornbury, Tilton, Tippet, Tipton,
Tolegiska Mekkom, Totten, Trotter, Trotter, Turnstall, Tusskia Mekkom, Tylar, Tyler, Tyrell,
Underwood, Varnel, Veel, Vinyard, Waldon, Walker, Wall, Waller, Wallis, Walton, Watson, Wauters,
Weakley, Wear, Webster, Weldon, Wheeler, Whitaker, White, Wiggins, Wilbourn, Wiley, Wilker,
Wilkerson, Willhite, Williams, Wilson, Winters, Wiss, Witt, Wolf, Wood, Woods, Woodward, Wootton,

COST $14.95
1802, 1803, 1806, 1807, 1815, 1816
THERE MAY BE ONLY A NAME LISTED. i.e. list of letters