8 ½ x 11 soft bound book.  63 pages of news, 86 pages with index.
The complete story was abstracted. There is a section called News
Summary which may include any important information from all over
the United States. Deaths from any State is included. The death of
John J. Littleton over several issues the result of the people
caught for this deed. There is a section of Local Notes and other
news. A few advertised letters at the post office for people to pick
up. Lots of death,
either by suicide or been shot.  There is a
mention of the McCoy and Hatfield feud as well as the feud between
the Green's and Jones's. A couple deaths from catching fire and
burning to death. There are some notes from the "West End" and of
course, the gossip of personals.  Land transactions, listed by
district. Some notes from "Panther Springs." There is a lot of news
from Knoxville.  There are sketches of the Senators and
Representatives in the Fiftieth Congress, included here because of
the biographic information included. It was an election year, but we
did not include any political information in this volume.  We are
disappointed that in many cases, only the initials of the first name
was used. This book was abstracted by Strictly by Name,  THE COLOR OF THE COVER MAY VARY.

Surnames included:

Abbott,  Agnew, Ailor, Alderson, Allen, Allison, Anderson, Andes,
Angel, Apple, Arvin, Ashby, Astor, Atkins, Ayers, Bacon, Baker, Bank,
Banks, Barbarick, Barbour, Barnes, Bartley, Bate, Bayard, Bayless,
Beaman, Bedford (colored), Beecher, Bell, Bergh, Berry, Bettis,
Bewley, Bird, Blair, Blankenbickler, Blount, Bogart, Bonner, Booth,
Boothe, Bower, Boynston, Brabson, Bradford, Brady, Branscom,
Breeden, Brewer, Brien, Britt, Britton, Brogan, Bronston, Brooks,
brown, Bryan, Bully, Bunch, Bundren, Burchell, Burchill, Burem,
Burnett, Burris, Bushong, Butler, Butt, Butts, Bye, Byrd, Cain,
Caldwell, Calhoun, Calvin, Campbell, Camphee (colored), Cane,
Cannon (colored), Caraway, Carden, Carmichael, Carr, Carraway,
Carriger, Carroll, Carson, Carter, Carthron, Cash, Cate, Center,
Chable, Chamberlain, Chambers, Cheatham, Clark, Clay, Clemson,
Cleveland, Cloud (colored), Clymer, Cobb, Cocke, Cockrill (colored),
Coffman, Collins, Colyar, Conkling, converse, Cooter, Corcoran,
Corn, Couch, Counts, Courtney, Cox, Coxe, Craig, Crawford, Creech,
Crittenden, Cross, Crouch, Crowell, Crowley, Currey, Dale, Daniel,
Darlington, D'Armond, Darnell, Davis, Delaney, Deming, Dennison,
DeSaussure, Dice, Dickinson (colored), Dickson, Dodson,
Donaldson, Drew, Dudley, Dyer, Eakin, Eames, East, Edmunds, Elam,
Eldridge, Ellis, Enloe, Estes, Ewald, Fargey, Farlie, Farlow, Farnum,
Felknor, Fellows, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Fletcher, Folsom, Fork, Fort,
Foster, Fowler, Fox, Franklin Frontis, Fugate, Fullens, Fuller,
Fulton, Furman, Galding, Gallagher, Gammon, Gant, Garnett, Garns,
Gatchell, Gates, George, Gilbert, Gill, Gilmore (colored), Glass,
Glenn, Goan, Goddard, Godwin, Goforth, Goin, Golden, Goodman,
Goodson, Gorman, Gradden, Graham, Grant, Graves, Gray, Green,
Greene, Greer, Gregg, Greyson, Grider, Grove, Guinn, Gullion, Hale,
Hall, Halliday, Hamilton, Hammond, Hampton, Hardenstein, Harle,
Harmon, Harrell, Harris, Hass, Haun, Havely, Hawkins, Haynes, Hays,
Hazard, Heacker, Heath, Helms, Helton, Henderson, Hendricks,
Henegar, Henry, Hesselmyer, Hicks, Hill, Hobbs, Hodge, Hodges,
Holland, Holley, Holloway, Holmers, Holston, Holt, Hood, Horner,
Horton, Houk, Howard, Howell, Hufmaster, Hughes, Hulbert, Hull,
Humphreys, Hunter, Hurst, Hust, Hutchins, Huter, Inman, Jack,
Jackson, James, Jarnagin, Jennings, Jobe, John, Johnson, Jones,
Kain, Kennedy, Kerley, Kern, Kesterson, Kilgore, King, Kingsoliver,
Kirkpatrick, Kirkpatrick (colored), Kline, Kyle, Lafferty, Lambdon,
Land, landy, Lane, Langford, Langhorne, Lawless, Ledgerwood, Lee,
Leeper, Legg, Linch, Lingg, Linn, Littleton, Livingston, Lloyd, Logan
Lomas, Lones, Long, Looney, Loop, Lotspeich, Lotspeich, Lovel,
Lowe, Lowry, Lowsletter, Lutts, Lyle, Lynch, Maclin, Maddox,
Madron, Magee, Magill, Mahone, Maney, Manis, Manning, Marah,
Maricle, Marks, Marshall, Mason, Mathers, Mathes, Mayes, Maylor,
Mays, Mayse, Maze, McAdoo, McAmis, McClain, McClanahan,
McClister, McCord, McCorkle, McCoy, McCrary, McDonald,
McFarland, McFerrin, McFerris, McGee, McGhee, McGinnis,
McGlamery, McKee, McMillen, McNish, McNutt, McReynold, McVay,
Medlin, Mee, Mellor, Merritt, Meyers, Miller, Milligan, Milster, Mims,
Mitchell, Moffett, Monden, Monro, Monroe, Montaigue, Moon,
Moore, Morelock, Moreland, Morrell, Morris, Morrison, Moser,
Moten, Moyers, Munday, Murphey, Myers, Nally, Neal, Neel, Neilson,
Nelms, Nenney, Nesbit, Newton (colored), Noah, Noe, O'Brien,
Ogden, O'Hary, Olive, Oliver, Olmstead, Ottinger, overton, Owen,
Painter, Palmer, Pangle, Park, Parker, Parris, Parrott, Patterson,
Patterson (colored), Paulett, Payne, Pearcy, Peck, Penfield,
Perkinson, Prvin Pettibone, Pettigrew, Petty, Phelan, Phelps, Picket,
Pierre, Pittman, Plunkett, Pogue, Porter, Preller, Presnel, Price
(colored), Price, Priest, Proctor, Purker, Purkey, Quarles, Quigley,
Quinton, Rademacher, Rader, Randolph (colored), Randolph, Ray,
Rayl, Read, Reddick, Reece, Reed, Reems, reeves, Reston,
Reynolds, Rice, Richardson, Richmond, Riggs, Riston, Roberts,
Robertson, Robinson, Rogan, Rogers, Rollen, Rose, Rowe, Royston,
Rule, Rumbo, Rumbough, Rush, Russell, Rutherford, Ryan, Rymer,
Saches, Salmon, Sample, Sanders, Sansom, Scarbrough, Schmidt,
Scott, Searl, Senter, Sentley, Sevier, Shafter, Shannon, Sharp,
Shelby, Shelly, Shields, Shipley, Shoun, Shropshire, Shultz,
Singletory (colored), Slack, Sloan, Smallman, Smith, Snapp, Snead,
Snell, Snoddy, Sooy, Spangle, Speck, Speers, Spoon, Stahlman,
Standish, Stanton, Stephens, Sterling, Stevens, Stevenson,
Stockton, Stone, Stratton, Straus, Strong, Stubblefield,
Sullenbarger, Sullins, Summitt, Sunderland, Susong, Swagerty,
Swaim, Talley, Tally, Tascott, Tate, Taylor, Templeton, Terrell,
Thomas, Thompson, Thurman, Tidwell, Tipton, Tomlinson, Torbett,
Tottman, Treece, Trousdale, Tucker, Turley, Van Huss, Vance,
Vanderbilt, Vaughan, Vice, Voorhees, Waite, Walker, Wallace, Ware,
Washington, Watkins, Watterson, Waugh, Weaver, Welch, Wells,
West, Wheeler, Whitaker, White, White (colored) Whiteside,
Whitthorne, Wilder, Wilkinson, Williams, Willis, Willoughby, Wilmeth,
Wilson, Wise, Witt, Wood, Woodworth, Wooten, Word, Worley,
Wright, Yearout, Yoe, Young, Young(colored)m Zollicoffer.

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